Adrift with Java

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One may find it odd that I teach small coding lessons in my Language Arts classes. However, I look at these activities, in the same manner I do with any form of writing or communication. When I teach my students to write, I don't do it, because I expect them to all become published authors. I teach them to write, because it's an integral form of communication. I look at coding in the same manner. The children today really should have some experience with coding. It's a form of communication that is more prevalent in society each and every day.

Therefore, I'm really proud of Adrift with Java: Learning Java Coding Basics in Space! Within this  guide, the students will be presented the very basics of Java coding language. The students will then watch various video clips of my play through of the phenomenal video game, Adrift, by 505 Games, as the inspiration for the coding activities. In my class, I do one activity as a mini-lesson each day throughout the guide.

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