Drain the Brain: Puzzled with Talos

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Why are you here? Upon awakening, you find yourself in a unique and puzzling dimension filled with ancient ruins and superior technology. All you know is that you have been ordered by your creator to solve a series of complex puzzles. All the while, all you can wonder is “What is my purpose here?” Well, if you’re ever going to find out, you’ll have to successfully complete the puzzling tasks.


Research has demonstrated that the human brain does much better in the long term if it is exposed to activities such as brain teasers and logic puzzles.  In fact, research has shown some of the benefits regarding such activities:

•    Boosts brain activity

•    Provides emotional satisfaction and sense of accomplishment

•    Enhances memory and processing speed

•    Helps slow the decline and reduce the risk for dementia

•    Improves concentration


The human brain is no different than any other muscle in the human body. If an individual wants developed bicep muscles, they need to do arm curls with weights (i.e. an arm workout). Henceforth, if one wants to develop and maintain a healthy brain, it too must be allowed to exercise, which is the foundation of this guide.


These activities are taken from the phenomenal video game, The Talos Principle, by Croteam. 


So, have fun and get ready for some head scratching!


Note: The goal is not necessarily to get all the puzzles correct . . . you won’t. Regardless, the students are exercising their brains, and thereby reaping the benefits.

Below is an example of the process I utilize within my classroom for this learning experience.

Purchase Options

This is the actual game. If one is interested, they could purchase and play the actual game.

This is the lesson guide I created (available on TPT), in relation to the video game. 


This is the homeschool course (available through Outschool) I created where I teach the entire unit via video chat (i.e Zoom, Skype, etc.)

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