Literary Elements with Firewatch

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Henry is our key protagonist and the viewpoint the story of Firewatch, is told from. Henry meets his wife, a college professor named Julia, before the game’s main action even begins. The two eventually fall in love and get married. Their relationship has the normal ups and downs of any marriage until Julia develops early onset dementia and she begins to suffer from memory loss. Henry makes the choice that she needs some from of assisted living, and Julia winds up with her family back in Melbourne, Australia.

Having a difficult time coming to grips with his wife’s demise, Henry takes a job as a fire lookout at the Two Forks lookout at the Shoshone National Park, in Wyoming. His boss or supervisor is named Delilah, whom Henry can communicate with via handheld radios.


So goes the tale that my students embark upon using my analytic writing activities. Each of my video game writing activity units are by far my students favorite activities, and low and behold, they actually look forward to writing! I've also included various activities in the Topics to Ponder section, which relate to key concepts or themes, which present themselves throughout the story. The bottom line is that it encourages students to dig deeper into the story's narrative.

To see more regarding this innovative, educational experience, see my blog entry

Below are images of student's work during the Firewatch Experience.

Playing with Fire
Playing with Fire
Playing with Fire
Playing with Fire
Playing with Fire
Playing with Fire
Playing with Fire



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