Game Based Grammar in the T4E Classroom

Game Based Learning describes an approach to teaching, where students explore relevant aspect of games in a learning context designed by teachers. Teachers and students collaborate in order to add depth and perspective to the experience of playing the game. Good game-based learning applications can draw us into virtual environments that look and feel familiar and relevant.


Within my classroom, I utilize video games to incorporate this element. In essence, I play various video games, contact the creators/publishers (to get approval), and create my "out there" ideas to encourage and motivate my students to highest levels of thinking. 

As an English teacher, I have noticed a strong correlation between the advancements in technology with the decreased knowledge of grammatics amongst my students. While technology can certainly make it look like my students understand grammar, it does not mean they are becoming proficient. Therefore, I've connected many of my YouTube video game playthrough videos with grammar review. Simply click the video, turn on "Closed Captions" and enjoy the grammar review!   




































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