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The Blame Game

Quite honestly, human beings can be quite the selfish and self-righteous bunch. Often, we believe the world (or life) owes us something; or if something goes wrong, we look for anything or anyone to blame, before looking at ourselves. Granted there are many times when conflicts are at the fault of another.

Let’s look at the state of education for a moment. Public education is under attack from many sides. Politicians and corporate America are looking to assess blame on America’s teachers for the nation’s ills before looking at themselves or other factors. If they looked in the mirror at the corporate tax breaks they have given, which have siphoned needed dollars from education, then they would see that they may have something to do with the difficulties in education. However, it’s much easier to place blame on public education and its teachers, rather than it is to look at the more difficult problems, which are more likely the root cause: poverty, family life, etc. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones . . . think about that for a minute. Take from it what you will, but nobody is perfect . . . far from it. Therefore, don’t jump to blame others for mistakes of your own. Own up to your faults and become a stronger individual.

In your life, it is virtually impossible to be happy when you’re in a constant state of blaming others. Often, when people feel as if their own life as out of control, they look for places to complain or to try to assume control. Even when a problem arises which is, indeed, someone else’s fault, it’s our obligation to rise above the situation and realize we are in charge of our own demeanor and happiness.

In essence, negative energy (including blaming others) takes a tremendous toll on your mental and physical health. It’s a complete energy drain. When you blame others, whether you believe it or not, you are acting out, because you feel powerless of the given situation. Stop blaming and regain your own personal strength. If you’re upset, realize that it will pass, as does everything, which can be a great stress reliever. The world has too much anger and hatred; don’t fall into this trap. Rise above and be the better, stronger person in the long run.

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