The Interactive Monster House

There's no doubt I take pride in creating activities, which allow my student's creativity to soar. No matter what unit or assignment I'm creating, I ask myself "if I were in the student's seat, would I be inspired to do this activity?" If the answer is "no", I go back to the drawing board. One of my more recent activities that went over very well was the interative Monster House.

One of the key aspects I need to cover for my English classes is the integral elements in the Mystery genre. First, my students read a mystery novel; in our case, it goes along with the Sherlock Holme's mystery novel, Death Cloud and my Literature Circle unit. Once the novel is completed, I show the movie, Monster House, and then have my students create the interactive Monster House (as shown in this blog entry cover photo). While the student's creative ambitions are set free, they are actually reviewing the key elements of the mystery genre. They're learning and having fun! That's a win-win in any classroom setting!

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