Remembering 9-11: Making Learning Visible

As with any educator, early in the year, the concept of the 9-11 tragedy comes to the forefront. When this date comes around, I know it's time for me to shed some light, in a thought-provoking manner, on this "Kennedy Moment" in our nation's history. With this unit gude I've created, I've come up with a way to keep the students engaged in learning, when their minds are searching for understanding and answers. It's time for some teachable moments!

For various reasons, this topic grabs their attention adn makes them question the concept of humanity. It is a part of history that time will never release. To educate the students on some of the facets regarding this tragedy, they work through various visible learning activities related to concepts, imagery, and events of this horrific day

While these activities aren't your run-of-the-mill worksheet handouts; they will certainly allow one's students to think on much higher and analytical levels, providing a deeper learning experience. Below are some pictures and videos of the the student's work and investigations. These activities were either created by me, or inspired by the work of Ron Ritchhart, Mark Churdh and Karin Morrison (Creating Cultures of Thinking).

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