Making the Titanic Come to Life!

As with any teacher, you're always looking for a way to make learning fun, relevant, and come to life. When June rolls around, I know it's time for me to bring out my "greatest hits" to keep the students engaged in learning, when their minds are on Summer vacation! For the past few years, I've ended our 8th grade English class with the topic of Titanic.

For whatever reason, this topic grabs there attention like no other. It is a part of history that time will never let go of. To teach the students on some of the facets regarding Titanic, they work through various visible learning activities related to the lore, history, and concepts of Titanic.

While these activities aren’t your run-of-the-mill worksheet handouts; they will certainly allow one’s students to think on much higher and analytical levels, providing a deeper learning experience. For the complete guide, please feel free to visit my teacher store at Wake Up Sunshine!

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