Let There Be Music

Music is like a passage to the soul. Its beauty and melody can transfer the human spirit to infinite realms. Unfortunately, in the world of education, with fewer and fewer resources, often the first areas to get cut when trying to save money is the arts and music. We investigated in an earlier activity what the world would be like without any music.

The benefits of a musical education are numerous indeed. Some benefits include:

1. Assists in the development of language and reasoning skills.

2. Improves coordinational skills.

3. Enhances memorization.

4. Increases the student's engagement in curricular activities.

5. Helps students in pattern recognition.

6. Plays an integral role in emotional development.

7. Improves a child's auditory skills.

8. Music encourages imagination and intellectual curiosity

9. Increases a chid's spatial intelligence.

10. Encourages self-discipline

Well, thanks to many of the world’s greatest musical artists, they made a statement on the importance of music. In their own subtle way, they are letting everyone know that children need and deserve the chance to take part in music as part of their educational experience.

This is where my writing guide comes into play. The W.W.I.P. process has allowed me to get writing incorporated into most class periods, while still allowing me to get to other areas of the curriculum. This acronym, which stands for Write with Imaginative Purpose, allows me to fit a writing component into our daily classroom routine, at the beginning of class. While some activities may take longer, most can be done within a five to ten minute window. This allows you, as the educator, to still fit in other curriculum components within your class period.

The results speak for themselves. One example can be seen in an earlier blog post. Additionally, as shown below, my students rose to the challenge of this W.W.I.P. activty.

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