Getting Creative with the Closing Paragraph

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

"See a need, fill a need." This quote from the movie Robots is what has inspired me to create this quick and simple writing guide for my students. In regards to essays, the opening and closing paragraphs seem to cause the most strife with my adolescent writers. Based on my observations, I’ve started with the closing paragraph, since it seems to cause more issues than the opening. The process I follow with may own classes is as follows (and is included in guide).

My suggestions for using this guide are as follows:

1. Drive home the three key elements of a closing paragraph. There are a few more elements, but I’ve chosen to focus on the three, which can make the greatest and quickestdifference, in my opinion.

2. Complete the Template Activity (notice the color-coding to help your students focus on the key element components.

3. Complete the Interactive Activity

4. Write out the completed closing paragraph on the writing template.

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