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Analyzing Literature Visually

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Captivating my students imaginations is one of the true blessings of teaching. This year while reading Fever 1793, and working within my Fever 1793 literary guide, my students were stunned when in Chapter 19, Grandpa Cook died. When a character dies within a fictional story, it can be quite stunning. We discussed how it's difficult to lose a character you've become invested in throughout the story. Through these discussions we decided to say "goodbye" to Grandpa (as a character) in a special and visual way. Being a selected teacher of the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program, I'm given an opportunity to share my unique ideas (incorporating technology, music, 21st Century Skills, etc.) with a wide array of people! With the help of one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs, Wish You Were Here, we silently watched the video (shown below). Then we analyzed the lyrics in relation to Grandpa's relationship with his granddaughter, Mattie.

Mattie is the main protagonist within Fever 1793. She has already lost her father (at a young age) prior to the fever epidemic. In turn, her grandpa became her role model and hero of sorts. Now, losing him during the throes of the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793, she is now all alone. This was the essence of the students analyzing the lyrical connection between Mattie's current situation and the loss of her last true friend.

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Questions for Analysis

Student Canva Epitaph Memorials for Grandpa

To read more on this concept, check out Chapter 28: Fun Isn't a Four-Letter Word, in my book, Teach4Endurance: Surviving the Swim, Bike, and Run in Today's Classroom.

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