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Clock-watching - Music Blog 2

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Life and Music - Brian Dalton

"Clock-watching" is another of my earlier tracks, which I happen to really like. From a musical standpoint, it's a little different in the fact that it's all in flat chords, which I haven't done much of in the past. My solo runs are also a favorite of mine; they're not fast or flashy; but in solos, sometimes the beauty is in the notes you don't play or in the ones you let sustain themselves.

From an inspirational or philosophical standpoint, the song was written while I was thinking about the abstract concept of time. Let's try a little game. Without using a dictionary, try defining the term "time". Not an easy task, is it? Time is something we know is present, but what does it truly mean? According to physicists, time as we know it only moves in one direction: forward. It's one of the great mysteries of physics. While science has yet to answer why time only moves forward, I'll simply take that as my cue to live each moment that is given to me to the fullest.

Essentially, live in the "right now". The "present" is truly a gift; and gifts are something to appreciate, cherish and enjoy. The past is dead and gone and the future is not guaranteed, so what's the point of worrying about either? So, as the clock's hands continue to go round and round, I try to embrace each moment given to the best of my abilities.

The bottom line is . . . "what exactly are you waiting for?" If you wish or dream to accomplish something in this elusive amount of "time" that we're given here, then get out there and rock. We're literally on the clock, so GO LIVE!

Video - "Clock-watching"

Musical Score - Clock-watching


"Clock-watching" can be found on my instrumental album, IV.

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