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Endurance Check Up

Let's talk endurance as a species for a sec shall we? Call this an op-ed if you want. I'd like to call it a reality check. You can sugarcoat poop all you want, but in the end, it will stay taste like crap.

Can anyone honestly look in the mirror and tell themselves we are trending in a good direction as a species? As technology grows and gets more intelligent and intuitive, we (humans) seem to be regressing at our most fundamental levels and instincts.

You see, we are like mirrors and we often reflect (and act) on what we constantly see and feel. When we experience constant negativity, depressive states of affairs, 24-hour news cycles, etc., we become mentally fatigued and are easily manipulated/swayed to the opinions/beliefs of others. In short, we are in a funk (as a species) right now.

Now, leadership takes strength, honesty and guts. Much of what is lacking in those we vote into power it seems. That's our fault. We voted them in. The problem is once your position of power becomes an avenue for lining your pockets with money (instead of caring for your constituents), "Houston . . . we have a problem."

Now, instead of helping those who voted you in, you are a pawn to those who are making you rich and pulling your strings. Our (I say this lightly) functioning government is no better than a bunch of kids fighting over a toy in a sandbox. As a country; as a species . . . we see this and often, we act no better.

ATTITUDE REFLECTS LEADERSHIP (Remember the Titans); I need say no more here.

The bottom line is this: while our current cluster mess of affairs may (God willingly) have avoided your doorstep (up to this point); at the rate things are going now, we're making the old Wild West look like nursery school.

What can you/I do?

1. Look in the mirror and start with you. Control what you can (which is very little, but it's a start).

2. Discover the true agendas of others; when you find they don't align with what's in your heart, go another way.

3. Be strong; be honest; be a leader (with your vote, your time, your love, your money, etc.).

4. Come to the realization we're all in this together; we're either going to rise up together; or . . . we're going down in epic fashion.

. . . the choice is in all of our hands. Are we going to endure or are we going to become obscure? I'll close with a one of my favorite teach4endurance quotes: "Dare to be remembered or dare to be forgotten." The choice is ours.


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