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Flip the Script

Now this was quite the change in routine. Normally, I'm the only one talking on my Teach4Endurance podcast. Now don't get me wrong, this is not an issue for it is the way I've designed my podcast series.

That being said, it was pretty cool to have the script flipped and be a guest on another's podcast. The podcast, "Out of the Trenches" interviewed me and it was truly a fun and enjoyable experience. The summary and link to the interview is provided below:

Brian Dalton is a Keynote/Motivational speaker, Consultant, and Helper of Teachers & Students in navigating Educational waters. He lives Rochester Hills, MI. Brian uses his endurance racing experiences, lessons learned while training, as well as his unique sense of humor to correlate endurance racing to the greatest endurance challenge of all: the academic school year! Find Brian at and follow him on Follow IG & Twitter @teach4endurance


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