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It's Just a Flesh Wound

Humanity never ceases to amaze (or shock) me anymore. That being said, one particular notion that our species has yet to figure out is this little nugget: STOP PUTTING BAND AIDS ON SHARK BITES! Here's a free author's note: IT DOESN'T WORK!

Some of humanities greatest hits of band aids on shark bites.

  1. Mental Health

  2. Gun control

  3. Poverty

  4. Prejudice/Racism

  5. Global Warming

  6. Pollution

  7. Education

. . . trust me, I could keep going. We are the kings and queens of band aid application.

That being said, change can and will occur if you begin with who you see in the mirror each day. The key to avoid band aid applications requires . . .

a. brutally honest reflection and conversation

b. by doing the above, you should get to the CORE of the issue (if you are being honest)

c. once CORE is identified, it's time for action

Below is a pictorial of a major issue facing humanity currently. The core is "Mental Health" and the exterior shows examples of some (not all) band aid applications that have been implemented that ARE NOT addressing the core issue.

Note: I'm not knocking medication; they can and do help many people struggling. However, over-prescribing medications if there are other, healthier alternatives is certainly a merited discussion, as well.

Now, if we truly complete Step A above, we may find some true "root" causes, which would allow us to take proper action. Below is a pictorial of some examples of having a "brutally honest" conversation to get to the core of the situation. Now, these are just examples; but each of them would then become the CORE issue meriting further discussion and true action.

Obviously, for the purposes of this blog entry, these are some REALLY BIG issues which need some serious action. However, this does not mean that you can't start much smaller. We all have our own issues (job related, relationships, prejudices, worries, etc.) that we would benefit by getting to the CORE issue of "why" they exist. When you find the true "root", proper action and change can possibly occur. For example, let's say you despise your job. By being brutally honest with yourself, you may discover that you have lost your desire for that particular occupation.

So . . .

-you can put a band aid on it in a variety of ways (food, drink, etc.). In the end, you'll still metaphorically bleed out.

or . . .

-while possibly somewhat scary, define your desires/passions and possibly move on to something more fulfilling. In the end, you may find your true purpose lies elsewhere.

From my little corner of the world I've began incorporating "Endurance" Days into my classroom. Why? Because education is one of the biggies we need to address. Unfortunately, the "mental health" issue has reared its head greatly into our children's psyche. Therefore, each week my students take part in one of my book's nearly 100 workouts.

Why? DO NOT TRY TO DRIVE THE CAR UNTIL YOU'VE CHECKED UNDER THE HOOD! If you're mentally not in a good space (whether adult or child), you're not going to achieve anything at a high capacity. No amount of technology or epic lesson plan will mend a struggling spirit. Hence . . . classroom "Endurance Days" was born! These undertakings will be future blog entries to share its positive impact.

To summarize, as with plant life, what you see above ground in is really determined by what's hidden underground . . . the root system! What happens under the surface (so to speak), drives health and growth. So, get to the root and make necessary adjustments to assure proper health and growth.


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