Music Mellows Mayhem

Updated: a day ago

What is it about music and its ability to reach depths within us that few other things can? Take it from one of the greatest songwriters ever. As Billy Joel noted, “I think music in itself is healing.” It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”

Moreover, it's no secret that music has a multitude of health benefits. These positive attributes include:

-Reduces stress

-Lessens anxiety

-Improves exercise

-Improves memory

-Eases pain

-Provides comfort

-Improves cognition

On the cognitive front, music can have dramatic effects on the brain, as well. As noted in Chapter 8: Effortless Pursuit, in my book, "studies have shown that music with a tempo of around 60 beats per minute can allow the human brain to synchronize with the beat creating something known as the alpha brainwave. The alpha brainwave is the form of wave which is present when we are in a consciously relaxed state."

So, when our world turned upside down with the Coronavirus, and remote learning has become the norm, music was the first thing I turned to. I figured if anything was going to put a smile on my student's face in these times of uncertainty, it would be music.

With the help of FlipGrid (a free app found on the internet), I'm able to allow students to make a video of themselves sharing what they have learned while practicing their public speaking skills. The benefit of FlipGrid is that it gives each student a voice, even the shiest of individuals. This app allows the students to record when and where they choose, making it a less taxing experience.

So, each day I play part of a song on my guitar or piano, while leaving little clues along the way for my students. The students then respond as to what they believe the song to be, along with their "aha" moment on how they figured it out. They are absolutely loving this activity and if I'm being honest, so am I.

For the remainder of the blog post, I'll be sharing the songs I have played (with the clue provided) along with an example of one of my student's responses to each. Enjoy!

Music Mends Mayhem 1

The lead singer stated, "I was thinking about football when I wrote it. I wanted a participation song."

Music Mends Mayhem 2

This song's title was the performer's "alter ego".

Music Mends Mayhem 3

I'm not giving a clue this time; I'll just give you an opinion. This song is one of the most beautiful and thought-provoking songs ever written.

Music Mends Mayhem 4

I'm not "saying" a clue this time. But there's a clue if you know where to look.

Music Mends Mayhem 5

I'm not "saying" a clue this time. But there's a clue if you know where to look and "listen".

Music Mends Mayhem 6

"Look" closely!

Music Mends Mayhem 7

Your mom and/or dad probably danced to this song in middle or high school:)

Music Mends Mayhem 8

Clue 1:#32 played basketball with a lot of"heart."

Clue 2: Is Annie a Dreamboat?

Clue 3:Two sisters sang this song!

Music Mends Mayhem 9

Clue 1: This band used this as a closing song for their concerts.

Clue 2: The album version runs 9:08 in length.

Clue 3: At its core, it's a love song.

Music Mends Mayhem 10

Clue 1: This artist said he was inspired to write this song after having a dream of walking under the sea.

Music Mends Mayhem 11

Clue 1: This song was inspired by a sci fi story (by Ray Bradbury) about a father who felt guilty leaving his family in order to do his job.

Music Mends Mayhem 12

Clue 1: This song was based on a 17th Century poem by Thomas Dekker.

Clue 2:This beautiful song was on the last album recorded by this band.

Music Mends Mayhem 13


Clue 1:This song was a written for a former bandmate (of this group) who suffered mentally and could not cope with reality.

Music Mends Mayhem 14

Clue 1: This song was a tribute to the band's original singer who died before making this album.

Music Mends Mayhem 15

Clue 1: This song was a tribute to "glam rock" as referenced by the crazy outfits this artist used to wear.

Music Mends Mayhem 16

Clue 1: Remember not all that glitters is gold!