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Student Endurance Wall - Workout 2

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

When writing my book, I initially intended it for educators and administrators. The mental workouts were geared to assist in enduring the endurance sport of the academic school year. However, when reading some Amazon reviews, two struck me allowing the lightbulb to illuminate.

"This book is a life changer in any thing you do— not just for teachers. It makes you believe in yourself and all of your potential. It creates an uplifting buzz to go for it — whatever your “it” is."--Greg C.

"This book is not just for teachers. It’s for everyone!"--Yvonne C.

So, while I still consult and work with adults regarding the Teach4Endurance lifestyle, I've began incorporating "Endurance" Days into my classroom. Each week my students take part in one of the book's nearly 100 workouts.


If you're mentally not in a good space (whether adult or child), you're not going to achieve anything at a high capacity. No amount of technology or lesson plans will mend a struggling spirit. Hence . . . classroom "Endurance Days" and its wall was born! This wall exists as a daily reminder of how we can strengthen our mind and spirt. It also reminds us that none of us has it all figured out; thereby, none of us are truly alone in our struggles.

Workout 2: The Present Is a Gift

Utilizing a graphic organizer (in my book), fill in honestly with what chatter is in your head as opposed to what you're doing RIGHT NOW. The point is the more you can stay in the present more, the more successful you'll be with task at hand (whatever it may be).

Cliff Notes: Ignore the chatter in your head, as to not miss out on the beauty of the present moment that has been given to you.

Chapter Intro: Without using a dictionary, try defining the term “time”. For many this is not an easy task. Time is something we know is present, but what does it truly mean? According to physicists, time as we know it only moves in one direction: forward. It’s one of the great mysteries of physics. While science has yet to answer why time only moves forward, I’ll simply take that as my cue to live each moment that is given to me to the fullest.


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