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The First Pancake

I love pancakes! Those fluffy, hot, buttery, syrupy circles of goodness are simply delicious. However, getting to those perfectly fluffy, symmetrical spheres of delight doesn't come to fruition initially (at least not for me). This is what I call the "first pancake syndrome."

It can be said that experience is what you earn when you didn't get what you initially wanted or were striving for. This, my friends, is a stellar reminder that encountering failure in not only natural . . . it's essential to truly grow and prosper.

For my pancake batter to get to the promised land, I'm going to have to screw up that first pancake. It'll be a little flat, burnt, oblong . . . in short, a disaster. However, the pancakes that follow (once the griddle and the griddle master have found their groove) are pure gold.

In essence, it's okay to try really difficult things and fail miserably at them. I bet the second time you try it (if you wish to do so), you may still fail, but it won't be quite as bad. Instead of going "boo hoo . . . I failed,"; try shouting to the sky that you just encountered a GLORIOUS FAILURE!

Did you know that more companies than not prefer to hire a CEO with a failed company in their background? Why you ask? Those who have failed and learned know how to avoid future failures better than someone who hasn't endured such let downs.

In this case, the Rolling Stones have shared with us all we need to know. "You Can't Always Get What You Want," and that's a good thing, for if we did, we'd live in stagnation.

So, here's your simple workout out for this month. Think to something you've tried, which you'd love to one day accomplish, but have yet to do so. Use the template below to keep track of your progress.

As an example, let's go back quite a few years before I raced in my first Ironman. My goal was the ability to swim 2.4-miles in open water.

Failure 1 - I could only swim 100-meters before needing a break.

Plan for next attempt - Anything further than 100-meters

Now depending on what you're striving for, you may have more or less failures. The point is (regardless of your goal) you're not getting anywhere without failing first.

So, fire up those griddles, put on your World's Best Chef apron, get your spatula and fail miserably at that first pancake . . . and then keep failing until you've reached pancake nirvana!


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