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To the Letter

Anytime I get a letter, etc. from a student (and/or parent) being thankful, it warms my heart. But what I truly like about this most recent one is this: "He makes our mental health and well-being his number one priority."

I do my "huddles" often in class. This is where I check their temperature (mentally) so to speak. In fact, I have an entire second book written on this concept (that I'll probably never release, but it's written:))

Why I'm so happy that this student noticed this in her letter is that it truly correlates with the essence of my class. While I teach 8th grade English, which has a MULTITUDE of learning strands to supposedly teach, I DON'T CARE. My students will become stronger readers, writers, thinkers and speakers once I'm sure they're in a healthy mental space.

Think of it this way: you own a beautiful new Range Rover, but the engine is missing its spark plugs; how far do you think you're going to get? It may look pretty on the outside, but the insides are not functioning properly. The lesson . . .



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