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Two Sharks

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

"Often the most difficult of battles is between what you know and what you feel."

The Battle of You

Every single day throughout our decision making, interactions, etc. there are two creatures battling internally. Since I love sharks, I’ll pick them as the allusion for this battle. Two sharks battling inside me every single day. Shark 1 = Ego Shark (thrives on fear, jealousy, judgment, denial, being non-authentic, materialism, etc.). Shark 2 = Soul Shark (thrives on love, truth, grace, empathy, introspection, etc.).

Who wins? That depends. Who should win? Well, after listening to the podcast, I hope that’s a non-starter. While the answer should be clear, it seems to be very elusive to our species more often than not. So, let’s learn and discover a little about ourselves shall we?

Your assignment this month is to listen to this podcast episode and make a clear distinction on which shark (or whatever animal you choose) is winning more often than not, in your daily life.

Consider this: Which one do you think will help you endure and have a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life . . . well, that's your choice. I've made mine. I just wish I'd discovered it long, long ago. Better late than never, I guess.

Your song connection which correlates well with this podcast episode is "Soul Searching". "Soul Searching" is a song on my 5th instrumental album Mindscape. This track is on a musical journey that is hoping to find its "home." Its tempo changes, multiple backing tracks, spirits speaking, etc. are all culminating together to reach the end of their journey (or "search" if you will).


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