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What's On the Agenda?

As defined, an agenda is an underlying often ideological plan or program. Sounds kind of fancy, but not really. You see . . . each and every person who comes your way (in person, through media, etc.) wants something from you. Don't believe for a minute that there isn't an underlying agenda. These agendas could be pure of heart or not so pure. The challenge as we go through life is learning how to differentiate these agendas.

When an individual (or group) presents themselves to you, they're often approaching from one the following persuasive directions:

Ethos - the speaker is ethical; they have the best intentions at heart.

Pathos - the speaker is using emotional influence; the main goal is to persuade the audience.

Logos - the speaker is logical; the speaker wants to present an argument that appears to be sound and good advice.

Do they want your love? Your vote? Your money? Your best efforts? Your honest opinion? These questions could go on for some time. You (and only you) will be able to answer these questions. It will take some deep reflection on your part as to what's important to you, what you believe in, what your heart is telling you, etc.

In the end, whether an agenda appears to be ethical, emotional, or logical; you must decide on what aligns best with your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Look deeply into the agendas that come your way. Some can be invited to stay, while others you're better off to send packing.


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