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Who Tells Your Story?

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

I'll admit . . . I love the musical Hamilton for a multitude of reasons. To be honest, King George is my favorite. But I digress. One of the most poignant parts of the musical is at the end when the chorus asks who'll tell Alexander's story? ELIZA!

You see, Alexander was not a perfect person without fault (like any of us can claim that); however, his true essence etched itself on those closest to him. HE LEFT A MARK worthy of remembering.

I often think of this as I go through my day to day life.

When I'm gone, have I impacted anyone or anything?

I wish I could answer that question, but in reality, my true impact will probably only be known (or shared) once I'm gone.

-I'd like to think in 25+ years of education, I've positively impacted many students (I hope).

-In 25+ years of coaching football, I'd like to believe I've helped my athletes become stronger individuals.

-As a father of 4, I hope that I've shown my children that they were my everything.

-As a husband, I hope that my wife felt loved and protected.

-As an endurance athlete, I hope that the money I've raised to help children in need made some positive impact.

-As a consultant and motivational speaker, I hope I've lit a fire somewhere.

In the end, that's what truly matters. Have you impacted this planet and its people in a meaningful and positive way?

Perhaps this notion is best summed up with the following: Polish-American sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski, was commissioned to sculpt the Crazy Horse monument, which he began in 1948. Sadly, Korczak died thirty-four years after beginning his hopeful masterpiece.

On his deathbed, when asked if he was disappointed that he'd never see the culmination of his monument, he stated, "No. You only have to live long enough to inspire others to do great things."

Workout - Etchings

-Look at the provided image.

-Answer the three questions.

**If you've impacted at least one individual/thing in a positive manner, then this world is better for it.


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