It’s helpful to think of pronouns as a “relief pitcher” in baseball. A relief pitcher comes in to take over for another pitcher who may be getting tired. Well, pronouns act much in the same way. They help in not having to reuse the same nounsrepeatedly. See a simple example below:


Mike went to the store to buy milk. Mike had to walk, since Mike’s bike was broke. The store was a short walk from Mike’s house. While there Mike bought chocolate milk, since that was Mike’s favorite.


From the example above, the proper noun, Mike, needs a “relief pitcher.” Time to use some pronouns.


Mike went to the store to buy milk. He had to walk, since his bike was broke. The store was a short walk from his house. While there Mike bought chocolate milk, since that was his favorite.



Types of Pronouns


1. Personal Pronouns

This form of pronoun is the most common. Personal pronouns have three types: nominative, objective, and possessive. See the chart below for these three forms of pronouns:














Common Mistake Alert!

Its = possessive (The dog lost its toy.)

It’s = act as verb (i.e. it is) (It’s raining outside.)


2. Indefinite Pronouns

Examples of this pronoun type include all, some, many, etc. They DO NOT refer to a person or number.


3. Relative and Interrogative Pronouns

Examples of this pronoun type include who, which, and that.

Common Mistake Alert!

Who = human quality

That = non-human

The team (that/who) won the championship was tough!

Answer: The pronoun “who” is the correct answer, because a sport’s team has human qualities.


4. Demonstrative Pronouns

Examples of this pronoun type include this, these, that, and those. It’s important that for these to be a true pronoun, they must function as a subject, or an object in a sentence.

This is what I meant to say.

This = pronoun (subject of the sentence)

I’d like to buy this book.

This = adjective (modifying book)














































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