"Stay smooth in your efforts when life's climbers arise. Anger takes energy need to reach the summit." -Teach4endurance

"Some of the brightest, most creative minds have been touched by mental illness." 

-Mauro Ranallo

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." 

-Albert Einstein

"Well done is better than well said." 

-Benjamin Franklin

"Freedom - to walk free and own no superior." 

-Walt Whitman

"Fun Isn't a Four-Letter Word." 


"Relax and let your talents do the talking." 


"You may delay, but time will not." 

-Benjamin Franklin

"Mistakes happen. Just remember you've done plenty right, as well." 


"The agendas of others is not hidden. You just need to know when to observe and listen." 


"True learning can create change; and change is never standardized." 


"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." 

-Audrey Hepburn

"Do anything, but let it produce joy." 

-Walt Whitman

"Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing." 

-Benjamin Franklin

"Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it." 

-Lloyd Alexander

"The first step towards true enlightenment is to lighten up on yourself." 


"I prefer solitude over surrounding myself with people who don't value me." 


"Selling is a natural skill. It's 

developed as a child. You may

know it as persuasion." -Jeffrey Gitomer

"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his viewpoint." 

-Harper Lee

"If it negates wonder and discovery, it has no place in my class." 


"Courage is knowing what not to fear." 


"Secrets are things we give to others to keep for us." 

-Elbert Hubbard

"My journey is not a roadmap. It is a blank canvas waiting to be filled." 


"The unknown can be frightening, but only if you allow it to be." 


"Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places." 

-H. P. Lovecraft

"Everyone smiles in the same language." 

-Ava Claudia Antunes

"Truth and perspective are two different concepts." 


"To achieve unity one must first unite with oneself." 


"Education begins the gentleman, good company and reflection must finish him." 

-John Locke

"As an educator, I can dare to be great, or dare to be forgotten." 


"You can make anything by writing." 

-Benjamin Franklin

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." 

-Anne Frank

"If you're not having fun, try a new direction." 


"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." 


"A capacity, and taste, for reading

gives access to whatever has

already been discovered by

others." -Abraham Lincoln

"Everything in excess is opposed to nature." 


"Life is not a sitcom. There are no reruns." 


"What if, could have, should have are all dead ends. Turn around!" 


"For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing." 

-Simon Wiesenthal

"Turn and face the strange." 

-David Bowie

"Autism means I miss what others catch, and I catch what others miss." 


"Think before you speak. Read before you think." 

-Fran Lebowitz

"You can't avoid life, but you can lower the volume." 


"Anger won't fix anything. But it will take any strength you have remaining." 


"It's not up to you to like who I am. That's my responsibility."


"Seek home for rest, for home is best." 

-Thomas Tusser

"If you can write, you have superpowers." 


"People need to be cautious because anything built by man can be destroyed by Mother Nature." 

-Russel Honore

"In your darkest hour you strike gold." 

-Alice in Chains

"The merit of originality is not novelty; it is sincerity." 

-Thomas Carlyle

"Obstacles are prey." 


"Come what may, all bad fortune is to be conquered by endurance."