The Braid Experience

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This innovative gamified creation combines a multitude of thinking and writing activities, inspired by the wonderful video game Braid, created by the phenomenal game developer, Jonathon Blow. What looks at first glance as a simple platforming adventure, can be inferred to be about something much deeper (especially when the game’s five puzzles are completed.) 


This gamification unit really gets the students to think on deep levels, as the game can be inferred to be dealing with a rough childhood, abuse, etc. in an abstract manner. Besides analyzing 17 video clips (embedded on my YouTube channel); the guide also comes with a multitude of interactive STEM writing and analysis activities.


In the end, there are two high level activities to synthesize the entire experience: a differentiated writing activity and a song analysis correlation. 

To see more regarding this innovative, educational experience, see my blog entry

Purchase Options

This is the actual game. If one is interested, they could purchase and play the actual game.

This is the lesson guide I created (available on TPT), in relation to the video game. 

This is the homeschool course (available through Outschool) I created where I teach the entire unit via video chat (i.e Zoom, Skype, etc.)

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