Verbs are the fuel to a sentence. A verb is the action taking place within a sentence. Without a verb, there is no complete thought; hence, no sentence.


What can a verb do for my writing?

a.     Give an action

The shark swam towards the shore.

b.     Indicate being or position

The dog is in the kitchen

c.     Describe a state of being

The singer was tired after the concert.


Verb Forms


Transitive Verb

Within the sentence there is an object which receives the action of the verb.

The basketball player made three baskets.

Verb = made

Ask “made what?”

Object = baskets


Intransitive Verb

Within the sentence these verbs show location or being.

The boy was in his bedroom.

Verb = was

This verb tells us “where” the boy is located.


Linking Verb

Within a sentence these verbs offer a state of being.

The athlete was tired after the game.

Linking Verb = was

Adjective = tired


Verb Tenses


Verbs can fall into four distinct tense categories: present, past, past participle, and future. Look to the chart below for a few examples.








































































1. Present tense – I drink water every day.

2. Past tense – I drank water yesterday.

3. Past participle – I had drunk all the water (these use auxiliary verbs has, have, or had.)

4. Future – I will drink water tomorrow.

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