Surviving the Swim, Bike, and Run in Today's Classroom

Brian Dalton

Having success as an educator relies on having a strong game plan. A plan to not only take care of yourself, but endure this exhausting, yet rewarding career.


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Stay smooth when life's climbers arise. Stress and anger take energy needed to reach the summit.


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Tony Patritto , Educator/Hall of Fame MHSAA Football Coach

While I think he’s a little crazy in his racing endeavors, Brian definitely has a gift for engaging his audiences while making the complex simple.

Don Clemons , Former educator, college, and NFL coach

Brian does a great job in developing a playbook for educators of all ages and positions. Whether it is a starting teacher or a veteran of many years—this is a valuable guide.

Mark Naison , Professor of History at Fordham University

If you love teaching and love sports, this book will move you; but even a sport’s averse educator will get something out of Dalton’s classroom strategies.

Mike Dillon , Former educator and administrator

Brian embraces the mantra of being present in each moment. This is a book that will positively impact individuals who experience the powerful message it conveys.