Run Your Own Race!

Teach4Endurance: Surviving the Swim, Bike, and Run, and all its facets, aims to provide educators with resources to help them endure the challenges of life as an educator.


Brian Dalton uses his endurance racing experiences, lessons learned while training, as well as his unique sense of humor to correlate endurance racing to the greatest endurance challenge of all: the academic school year!

“Strain, rigidity, and stress are surefire killers of any pursuit in which one hopes to flourish,” says Dalton, who has taught for 25+ years and raced in over 20 triathlons, including three Ironman events. “Having success as an educator relies on having a strong game plan. It’s certainly not something you can go into and simply hope for the best. Unfortunately, too many teachers are thrown into the water without the proper support or a proper game plan. For many this can spell disaster.”

So, whether you're new to the educational realm, or have been in the game for years, Teach4Endurance is here to help.


As noted by former NFL coach, Don Clemons, "Brian does a great job in developing a playbook for educators of all ages and positions."