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Propaganda - Music Blog 4

Life and Music - Brian Dalton

"Propaganda" was actually one of my first demo recordings. This is the remix/remastered version, of this particular demo.

From a personal standpoint, it was inspired from the multitude of liars and hypocrites we have feeding us our information (news channels, politicians, etc.). They all have agendas, which I touched upon in my podcast episode, "What's On the Agenda".

As defined, an agenda is an underlying often ideological plan or program. Sounds kind of fancy, but not really. You see . . . each and every person/business, etc. who comes your way (in person, through media, etc.) wants something from you.

Musically, it's an heavy track with deep tones. In my opinion, the song has an ominous feel, as it should since the issue of propaganda is not healthy for us, as a society. Weighty power chords and an underlying string section bring this track to life. My favorite part is the bridge at 1:50. It offers a hopeful feel, which is needed within this dark track.

From a contextual perspective, the best we can do is . . .

  1. our own research . . . true research; not social media quick fixes.

  2. make sound personal decisions on whether these agendas align with our own personal beliefs.

Video - "Propaganda"

Musical Score - Propaganda


"Propaganda" can be found on my instrumental album, Back At One.

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