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Tick Tock

Somewhere in my podcast catalogue, I have an episode called "Time Is Never On My Side." As I note, time is never on any of our sides. Heck, we truly don't even know what "time" is. What we do figure out is that it is quite the precious resource; and like many resources, we wish we had more of it. So, while we'll always wish we had more of it, there are some handy dandy endurance strategies I've come to know, which help open up some more of this precious resource.

Here's your big endurance tip: LESS IS MORE!

There . . . that was easy. Okay, here's a few endurance strategies to carve out some more time for what truly matters.

Now, there has never been a moment in any of my blogs, newsletters or podcasts that I've said endurance is easy. IT IS NOT. It takes work. That being said, if you want some more of that precious resource known as 'time', you're gonna' have to be hardcore and put in the work.

-The Hour Game-

Let's pretend your health care provider has noted that you must slow down and lessen your work hours by 80%. If that were the case, you'd need to figure out areas to FOCUS on what truly merits your attention. Your workout below is to find 'time' where you're actually wasting valuable minutes and hours. It's time to claim em' back!

  1. Make a list of some daily activities that YOU KNOW in your heart could be put off and done weekly (or heck, even monthly in some cases). If any can be eliminated, do so. -do you really need to check email 5-times a day; or even once? -how many hours do you waste floating through social media land? -what activity (or activities) do you often do which make you feel like you're being productive, when in actuality you're just FILLING TIME?

-The Tribe-

This workout piggybacks off of my podcast episode, "Root Destruction" and my blog entry, "Choose Your Team Wisely."

  1. Envision the people in your life who truly bring you joy. Write em' down if needed. If your list is a mile long, I'd rethink the task. A person who makes you smile here and there is a kind acquaintance; I'm talking about the people who love you unconditionally, know your bright and dark sides and are still a positive part of your life each day in some capacity. -the people (and only the people above) are the ones who should get the bulk of your time.

  2. Envision the people in your life who consistently cause you the most angst, anger, sadness, depression, etc. Write em' down if needed. -with the list from above, for each one ask yourself: "If I stop interacting with this person, what exactly will happen?" --most likely, not a whole lot.

-One Isn't the Loneliest Number-

This workout is an idea that stems from my blog entry, "The One". Obviously, most days in life will require you to do more than one particular thing. However, this simple workout will certainly help you prioritize your day, thereby giving you some more time.

1. Each day, think to yourself "The one thing I absolutely must accomplish today is . . .".

-If a huge list comes to your head, first you better write em' down. Secondly, play a game with it. Ask yourself regarding the items on this huge list: "If I don't finish (whatever), what will happen? By doing so, your true priorities for the day should come into clear focus.

Hopefully, at least one of these endurance workouts will help you reclaim some precious time for the things that truly matter in life. I mean think about it . . . in the end, the less regret we have, the better!

A great song connection to this endurance workout session is one of my earlier releases. "Leap of Faith" was inspired by thinking of the challenges that we often face. At some point, we have to act. It's as simple as that. When we truly put our minds, hearts and souls into an endeavor, there's not much we can't accomplish. So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap!

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